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Hyderabad: Engineering colleges seek 20 per cent fee hike

Hyderabad: Private unaided professional colleges in the state are demanding a 20 per cent hike in the fee structure for various professional courses. The same was discussed with the Telangana Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (TAFRC) in a meeting held on Saturday, however, the committee is yet to declare its final stand in the matter.

A 20 per cent hike was proposed for fees below Rs 50,000, and a 15 per cent hike was proposed for fees above Rs 50,000. This, however, is only a temporary move for the academic year 2019-20. According to sources, it is likely that the TAFRC will pass orders in favour of the temporary fee hike on Monday.
Parents associations and student organisations have been urging TAFRC officials not to consider the hike. They are demanding that the hike should be allowed only after thorough examination of the colleges’ ground realities.

Mr Sharanu Raichur from the Telangana State Engineering Colleges Joint Action Committee said that the proposed fee hike will affect fee structures drastically and could become a burden for many students. “We won't tolerate any amount of hike in fees,,” he said.

Representatives from the Telangana Parents Association said that more often than not colleges present a misleading picture in the books to secure a fee hike.