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Experts counsel Inter students

HYDERABAD: Intermediate students are being counselled ahead of their final exams in stress and time management. The counselling is significant as last year, about 20 students committed suicide after declaration of intermediate results.

As a precautionary measure this year, a special programme for training of trainers was organised to educate lecturers on the finer points of counselling and how they must prepare students for their exams. The teaching staff were also asked to identify students who could require counselling. This is because most of the times, the student in need of counselling would not speak up at all, said officials of the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE).
They disclosed that services of retired experts were sought for preparing students for their examinations. Professional counsellors were also involved so that they could talk to students who are under stress.

TSBIE officials said intermediate students have already finished their pre-final exams. These students have been assessed based on their performance. Slow learners and those who have lagged behind are being given special coaching.  Previous model exam papers are being given to them to enhance their confidence levels.

Meanwhile, certain private colleges are inviting psychologists and meditation experts to teach students about remaining calm during exams as also on how they can manage time while answering their question papers.