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Slow job hiring leaves 301 graduates in the lurch

HYDERABAD : Government blames Opposition for blocking recruitments .

Recruitment for govern. ment jobs in Telangana State is moving at a very slow pace. As per official esti-mates, there are around 30 lakh graduates in Telangana who are eagerly awaiting recruit-ment notifications, and have been attending coaching classes in the city and other major towns to crack these exams, an expensive process. The TRS government. in the 42 months of its existence, has approved the filling up of 63,153 vacancies, but just 27,874 posts have been filled so far. The TS Public Service Commission (TSPSC), the major recruitment agency, has notified 34,625 posts, but recruitment has been completed only for 5,932. After the bifurcation of AP in June 2014, the new Telangana government constituted the TSPSC in August 2014. But the recruitment process was held up for over a year because the government wanted changes in the syllabus, incorporating content related to the Telangana statehood agi-tation, and the history, culture, arts etc of the newly formed state. The committee constituted to frame the revised syl-labus took six months to submit its report. There were further del-ays as the government dilly-dallied over deter-mining 'local status', to ensure that only natives of Telangana got govern-ment jobs and not the large number of AP-nati-ves who became locals of TS by virtue of having st-udied in schools in Hyd-erabad for seven years. At one point, the gov-ernment even considered stipulating that only those who were natives of TS prior to 1956, when the Telangana region was merged with Andhra region to form AR should be treated as locals. After lengthy delibera-tions it was decided not to bring any such chang-es as it would violate the Presidential Order and lead to legal cases. 

42,035 Notification vacancies issued so far 27,874 Recruitments done 
1,08,132 Total vacancies identified 
44,979 Vacancies yet to be approved for recruitment 
72,644 Newly created posts since June 2014 
STATE GOVERNMENT APPROVAL TO FLL VACANCIES: Category Approved Filled 1. Government departments 42,539 18,874 2. Government undertakings/ Corporations/ Varsities/ Societies 20,614 9,000 TOTAL 
Agency Era TSPSC 34,625 5,932 Departmental Selection Committees 12,039 9,790 TS Police Recruitment Board 16,489 12,152 TOTAL 63,153 27,874 
Finally, when the TSPSC started issuing notifications from 2016, it was embroiled in legal issues with petitioners pointing out loopholes with regard to the syl-labus, pattern of exams, errors in question papers, announcement of results, merit list etc. The government has been blaming the Opposition parties for blocking recruitments by approaching the courts on one pretext or another. Deputy chief minister and education minister Kadiam Srihari claimed that, "If not for these cases, we would have met the target of filling 1.08 lakh vacancies by now Despite all these cases, we could notify over 42,000 vacancies and have filled nearly 30,000 posts so far. We are determined to meet the balance tar-get by August 2018." Information technology minister K.T. Rama Rao, who interacted with job seekers at the City Cent-ral Library in Chikkad-pally recently, told them, "We too are in a hurry to fill all the vacancies overnight and get your appreciation, blessings and support. But, being 

We could notify over 42,000 vacancies and have filled nearly 30,000 posts. We are deter-mined to meet the target by August 2018. - KADIAM SRIHARI Deputy Chief Minister in the government, we need to follow certain procedures and norms, which is taking time. I assure you that we will fill up to 3,000 more posts than 1.08 lakh jobs prom-ised before our term expires in 2019."