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VIT School of Business inks pact with US varsity

Offers BBA course with two years of study abroad
Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course in VIT-AP School of Business (VSB) will now have the option of getting a BBA degree from the University of Michigan. This is because of the agreement signed by the VSB with the University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA (UMD).

VIT-AP Chancellor G. Viswanathan and the US university Chancellor Daniel E. Little have signed a collaborative education agreement.

Students will also be provided with a scholarship which will reduce the tuition fees at UMD substantially compared with other international students studying there.

VSB BBA students have three options: BBA from UMD which would mean two years in VSB and two years in UMD; BBA from VSB would mean three years of study at VSB; and BBA+PGDBA which would mean three plus one years of study at VSB.