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Hire same faculty, demands Telangana JAC

Hyderabad: Telangana Junior Colleges JAC has demanded the hiring of the same guest faculty who has been working for the last few years in the junior colleges.

This demand has come after the Commissioner of Intermediate Education released a notification for hiring of guest faculty with required qualifications.

Mr Madhusudhan Reddy, president, Intermediate Junior College Joint Action Committee (JAC), said, “About 1,300 guest lecturers are working since 2013. Last year a notification was issued by the state government stating that guest lecturers who worked earlier can continue for the respective academic year. 

But this year TSBIE said that this year, guest lecturers will be hired on the basis of teaching experience which is injustice to the already existing guest lecturers. How can they choose someone else after using their services for first two months in the current academic year 2018-2019? Where will the guest lecturers go for jobs during the middle of the academic year for jobs?”

He added, “Also the Board is checking the marks of the candidate in their post graduation exams and have asked us to conduct demonstration for the new candidates. Every lecturer who has worked for the last two months worked for free so it is injustice the candidates because they will be jobless during the middle of the academic year 2018-2019.”

When questioned, the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education commissioner said he is doing this to improve the quality of teaching in the junior colleges but we oppose this move by the commissioner and we demand that the same guest lecturers be hired.