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11 SW students to take part in World Faire

Eleven students of the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (APSWREIS) are gearing up to participate in the 9th annual World Maker Faire-2018 in the New York Hall of Science.

What is more exciting is that two of the six projects selected for the event from India belong to the AP Social Welfare School children.

The Faire on September 22 and 23 will witness coming together of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do, from engineers to artists to scientists to crafters.

It is attended by exhibitors and professionals belonging to different talent agencies in search of most unique and creative people.

The 11 students, representing two groups, submitted their project ideas along with the prototype images in an online portal in the preliminary round. They were shortlisted based on the innovation and impact on the community and qualified to showcase their work.

R. Meghana, K. Lakshmi, Sai Ganesh and T. Narendra, students of 8th to 10th classes, have created an entertainment robot for poultry farms while their friends P. Swathi, A. Ankitha, R.N.S. Naidu, Kumar Ramji, B. Akhil, G. Ramya and Srikanya worked on an autonomous robot to carry bricks from one place to the other.

The first robot is meant to entertain chicks and keep them active contributing to their good health. “This is one of the common problems we identified in this region. The robot is fully autonomous attached/equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to presence of any object to avoid hurt to the chicks or damage,” explains Col. K. Ramulu, Secretary of the Society

The other robot does the job by manual loading and unloading. Sensing completion of the task with the help of ultrasonic sensors, it moves to another place with the help of a mechaniser that moves on a previously-drawn line.

“It is important to spot talent in children and train them to chase their dreams. We at APSWREIS are trying to do that.

Most children enrolled in our schools come from financially humble background but are no less than their peers in the corporate institutions,” says Col. Ramulu.

The ‘World Maker Faire 2017’ was attended by 90,000 people. The U.S. natives came from 44 States while others represented 45 countries.