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Hyderabad: Students of tribal schools undergo bootcamp

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) along with Ashoka Innovators commenced a five-day boot camp for 100 schoolchildren and 20 teachers of the Social and Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Societies.

The aim is to nurture creativity and innovation among the students and teachers. 
As part of this boot camp, students will identify community issues and come up with plans for implementation through design thinking.

Fifty students from social welfare schools and 50 from tribal welfare schools in and around Hyderabad were selected for this session at the Regional Telecom Training Centre (RTTC), Gachibowli. 

The session which began on Thursday will end on September 10.

The programme is conducted by Connecting Dreams Foundation and Inqui-lab Foundation who work with schools to nurture creativity and innovation to select children for the boot camp.

During the five days, the students of Grade 6 to Grade 8 will be exposed to four core skills of leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and empathy. 

The children would be taught ideation, problem solving, design thinking, entrepreneurial skills which would help them transition to become change makers.

Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, secretary of the Telangana Social and Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Societies, inaugurated the event. The teachers will be trained to work as mentors for the students once they return from the boot camp.