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Vacancies for civil posts in Defence Ministry

Hyderabad: The defence ministry has the most number of vacancies among its civilian staff. The 2016-17 report on pay and allowances for Central civilian employees shows that the ministry was sanctioned 5,85,476 staff. Around 3,98,422 positions are occupied, but there are 1,87,054 vacancies. The situation has not changed for the past two years.

The defence ministry has civilians performing a variety of duties. They are considered as defence civilians and their salaries are paid through the budget allocated by the MoD. Most vacancies are in the lower ranks, in Category B and C.
Vinay Naik, who retired as a defence civilian, explains, “The ministry accommodates civilians in the Indian Army, Navy and Air force. The job titles are limited to operations and maintenance of records, structures, weapons, aircraft, runway etc. Another organisation is the Border Road Organisation where civilians are hired for maintenance of roads. These defence civilians are posted at the headquarters and do not take part in any conflict. For instance, a PA to the commanding officer will be considered a civilian.”

 Other such posts, says Col Shiva Krishna (retired), are the guards at the College for War, Hyderabad, and mostly the first level of security at defence establishments. “However, though they fall under civilians slab, they are recognised and even gallantry awards are conferred on them. One of them was awarded the Vir Chakra for saving an aircraft from catching fire long ago. The most number of vacancies fall in this category. It is for the government to take a call,” he says.  

Importantly, these positions remain vacant because the MoD can’t find people with the right qualifications and because work that used to be done in-house is now outsourced.

The number of Central government employees for every one lakh citizens is 139 in India.