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CAT’s quantitative ability section tough: Aspirants

Hyderabad: Students found the Common Admission Test (CAT), the national-level management entrance examination, held on Sunday by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kolkata, to be moderate in terms of difficulty.

The first slot was a mixed bag. Although it did not throw up big surprises, there were some changes across sections which by themselves were not entirely unexpected, according to experts. 

Students who have taken all the all-India level entrance tests would have definitely been well-prepared to handle the few surprises that were noticed. Candidates who appeared for the exam talked about a ‘tough’ Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI LR) section.

The examination started with verbal ability and a reading comprehension section which had 34 questions. This was followed by the the logical reasoning and data interpretation section which had 32 questions. The last section was quantitative ability with 34.

Aspirants were delighted to find the reading comprehension section easy both in terms of language and the subject area. 

Mr Abhishek Chandrasekaran, who was making his second attempt mentioned that the test was moderate this year, and a little bit difficult in comparison to last year and the second slot was more challenging. For him, mathematics proved to be the toughest challenge.
Experts from TIME institute and Ramnath Kankadandi, national CAT course director, said that quantitative ability analysis was a difficult this time. Eight of the 34 questions were non-MCQ type. The number of questions on geometry was on the higher side and some of them could be considered to be moderately difficult. 

This was offset by the large number of doable arithmetic questions which would have helped aspirants increase their attempts.

When it comes to cut-offs, while the top B-schools would have a higher range of around 90+ percentile, the mid-range B-schools’ CAT cut-off ranges from 75 to 80 percentile and that of the lower range B-schools is around 50 percentile.

The security check at the entry point was very rigorous at most centres. Belts, clips, jewellery including rings, earrings, chains etc. were not allowed. 

Many aspirants were forced to deposit such items outside and only then were they allowed to step into the examination hall.