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Aadhaar, Pan must for profs in private colleges

Hyderabad: To avoid duplication of professors and administration staff working in educational institutions, the Telangana Fees Regulatory commission has demanded that all the private colleges must submit Pan and Aadhar card details of their employees. Based on these details, the fee structures of the colleges will be approved by the education department.

These new rules have been set as there is duplication of faculty, contract professors and also administration staff which is not as per the required level.
The imbalance in the teaching professors ratio vis-a-vis students is one of the major reasons for taking these documents to decide on the fee structures, the committee members said.

A senior member of the regulation committee on condition of anonymity explained, “There have been complaints that the professors are not adequate but the fee structure is very high in private colleges. This can’t be allowed. For this reason, an assessment of the faculty strength is being taken and linked to the fee structure. This is to ensure that there are no dubious practices.”