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  •  -Minister for IT & Communications, AP (2012)   
  •  Posted 902 day(s) ago

With many technological colleges in the State, industrialists here have a lot of opportunity to mentor students and train them as per their requirement. In this endeavor, KAB Educational Consultants helps the students through its annual Educational Fairs. It invites industrialists, corporates and senior academicians to address the students and their parents. In this session, students and their parents can clear their misconceptions and opportunities about the industry and the course. Better informed Students and Parents make better choices.

Dr. K.C. Reddy

  •  Chairman - APSCHE at KAB Education Fair 2006   
  •  Posted 2901 day(s) ago

A pioneer in education, KAB Educational Consultants, has been guiding students for the past 10 years. It has also been successfully conducting educational fairs annually, which is a useful career guidance programme for all students who have passed Intermediate

Dr. M.D. Christopher

  •  Secretary, APSCHE at KAB Education Fair 2009   
  •  Posted 902 day(s) ago

The probability given by KAB is very useful to students for analysing the chances of getting seat in the preferred colleges.


  •  Member of Parliament (2014)   
  •  Posted 902 day(s) ago

East or West India is the Best. Arm yourself with good education that will take you places. KAB Educational Consultants has brought together a lot of world class educational institutions at one place for its annual KAB & TV9 Education Summit. It is now the duty of the students to find out what courses interest them and what to study. Many academicians are here to clear your doubts. Whatever course you study, give your 101% to it. If at crossroads, Students must take the assistance of counselors to obtain clarity.

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