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Personality Development and Training

Education is not about just marks but learning for Life. The fullest effloresce of student personality can be achieved only when the necessary inputs of personality development training and life skills programs are offered. These programs will help in promoting self confidence, self esteem and self respect enabling them to make discrimination between over confidence and self confidence.  Makes the students to realize that self confidence is the first step for success. They sensitize the students with the process of self evaluation to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and tips to convert threats as opportunities. They will encourage setting their goal, immediate, short term, long term and life goals and thus prepare them to charter their own road map. The value of time and tips for excellent time management will be presented. They illustrate how positive thinking in a person leads to more success rate. Recognizing the presence of innate and   hidden talents, these programs unravel the opportunities to showcase the creative potentialities. They scientifically explain the group dynamics, inter personal relationships, transactional analysis and the art of team building. They emphasize the most important parameters for winning in these days of competitive world namely, Communication and Leadership skills. They unfold the reasons and remedies for stress, tension, anger, worry with which majority are suffering. They make them to learn the scientific tools for good decision making. They free the persons from the clutches of phobias, complexes, negative feelings, blind beliefs, superstitions and idiosyncrasies. All the more they present successful role models before the youth. They din into the ears the human and cultural values and youth’s concern towards parents, institutions and country. The main purpose of these programs is to make them understand the complexities of human behavior and equip them to face the challenges of life.
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