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Anjana Padmanabhan wins first 'Indian Idol Junior' Posted on:9/3/2013  -  Source: website 0 User(s)
Lucknow teen a doctor at 13 Posted on:9/2/2013  -  Source: Website 0 User(s)
4 Girls top ICSI Foundation June Exam 2013 Posted on:8/24/2013  -  Source: 0 User(s)
Forced to drop out of school, teen turns tech genius Posted on:8/6/2013  -  Source: website 0 User(s)
Handicapped Girl Tops EFLU Exam Posted on:7/18/2013  -  Source: Deccan Chronicle 0 User(s)
Medak boy tops all India CA-CPT Posted on:7/17/2013  -  Source: The Hindu 0 User(s)
Auto driver's daughter is national topper in CA exams Posted on:7/17/2013  -  Source: website 0 User(s)
Physically Handicap girl scores 9.7% in SSC Posted on:7/12/2013  -  Source: Eanadu 0 User(s)
IIT-JEE-2013 All India First Rank -Sai Sandeep Reddy Posted on:7/12/2013  -  Source: Sakshi 0 User(s)
IIT-JEE-2013 All India Second Rank - Ravi Chandra Posted on:7/12/2013  -  Source: Sakshi 0 User(s)
Blindness & Handicap couldnt stop them from being IIT-Toppers Posted on:7/11/2013  -  Source: 0 User(s)
Telugu Girl stands among Top Ten in IIT Posted on:7/11/2013  -  Source: Eanadu 0 User(s)
సివిల్స్ 2012 టాపర్ ప్రిన్స్ ధావన్ Posted on:10/13/2012  -  Source: Eenadu 0 User(s)
From Godavari to Google - Naga Naresh Posted on:10/10/2011  -  Source: Eenadu 0 User(s)
Photonic Chip invented by NRI - Raj Dutt Posted on:10/10/2011  -  Source: Eenadu 0 User(s)
A Journey - From Coolie to Ph.D Holder Posted on:9/30/2011  -  Source: Eenadu 0 User(s)
Daily wager becomes medicine graduate (Kurnool Youth Completes His MBBS Fighting Against All Odds) Posted on:5/7/2010  -  Source: The Times Of India 0 User(s)
Remote Aeroplane Posted on:1/5/2010  -  Source: Sakshi 0 User(s)
Maniram breaks the sound barrier Posted on:10/8/2009  -  Source: Times of India 0 User(s)
Tensing Narkey Award Winner Posted on:9/7/2009  -  Source: Eenadu 0 User(s)
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