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Article Summary

Demand For Design Professionals In India

With fast-paced globalization, there is a demand for design professionals in India today.

Over the last couple of years,Indian designers have shone on the international platform. A few names in design had gained prominence across borders decades ago. In contrast,today we see a lot of Hollywood celebrities swearing by some Indian designers not to mention the amazing response as far as mass production of textile and product is concerned.

A few reasons could be attributed to the positive changes that have been observed: From leaps in the informational infrastructure,such as the online platform, news and media availability now even in villages, to the study abroad programmes that have been so successful in the past few decades. All of this has ensured that the talent pool keeps getting circulated across borders.

With a huge influx of Asian population in Europe and the US, everybody from an average person in Europe or Australia to a Hollywood celebrity in the US, has got a chance to sit back and admire the design sensibilities of Indians across the world. Ever since the spending power of the Asians has increased, so has the interest of designer brands to understand the psychology and choices of Asian consumers. This has led to an influx of jobs in the design industry, specifically in India and China.

Careers in Design

For a young mind that is contemplating a career in design, there are a plethora of options available today. When a student is passionate about design, arts and creativity, and is right out of school and lacks proper exposure, is unsure of the stream of design,it makes sense to join an institute that provides a basic foundation year.

Foundation Year is meant to make a student perfect in most handson activities like 2-D sketching, li fe drawing, observational drawing, sculpting etc. The Foundation Year also gives the student an exact idea of what his or her work as an interior designer, fashion designer or graphic designer would entail.

Careers in Interior Design
Interior designing is the arrangement of living space i.e.organizing, managing and planning of the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops,showrooms, hotels, airports,exhibition halls, conference centres, theatres, TV and film studios and commercial establishments etc. The objective of designing space is to achieve functionality and to create the right kind of atmosphere for the right budget. Interior designing as a specialization became popular only in the last few years.

Of late people have become more conscious of the design, layout and placement of their interiors, for offices, factories as well as residences. This has opened the door for a large number of professional interior designers. Many interior designers’specialize in one particular field. For example, some may concentrate on business design, while others focus on residential design and landscape designing.Still others may specialize further by focusing on particular rooms,such as kitchens or baths. Keeping a client’s tastes, needs, and budget in mind, interior designers prepare drawings and specifications for non-loadbearing interior construction, this includes choice and decoration of walls, floors, roofs, choice and placement of furniture and other indoor objects, window treatments and other indoor objects, lighting and control of visual and sound effects. There are only a few institutions offering reputed programmes in interior designing in India.

Careers in Fashion Design

Fashion design is the applied art devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories.This art is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has evolved over time and is becoming as global as one could have never imagined. Fashion designing has come a long way from the designer clothes worn by the royalty of the ancient world to the haute couture products of the present. Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative,appealing, glamorous and exciting career options in today’s world. If you have a penchant for creativity, style and originality, a career in fashion designing is the one tailor made for you. On one hand, the fashion industry satisfies both the creative fancies and the materialistic needs of the people. On the other hand, it promises glamour, fame, success and a high pay package to the talented people. However, it is also a demanding career, as fashion designers need to combine their creativity with managerial skills to sustain in this industry.

Thus, if you can create magic with colours, shapes and designs, then just obtain a professional course to begin a successful career in the alluring world of fashion designing.

Careers in Graphic Design

A career as a graphic designer can take many different flavours because graphic design touches so many areas of visual output.Graphic designers work with letters, colour, patterns, illustration, photography, information and physical materials to create everything from annual reports to corporate logos, from maps and diagrams to album and book covers, from product packaging to digital interfaces - and much more besides. Some graphic designers focus on certain areas of graphic design, such as book shelves, corporate identity, typography or design for screens. Some also specialize in particular industry areas such as  graphics for property development or for FMCG packaging, for example. But a lot of graphic designers are versatile and can bring their understanding of visual elements and composition to work in many different areas.

The following are the job profiles that you could look at, were you to pursue a Degree in Graphic Design from a reputable institute. Graphic Art Managers, Creative Di rector, Art Director, Art Production Manager, Hands-on Grap hic Designers, Brand identity Developer, Broadcast Designer, Logo Designer Illustrator, Visual Image Developer, Multimedia Developer, Content Developer, Vi sual Journalist, Interface Designer, Web Designer or Package Designer.

Careers in Product Design
If you want to be a Product Designer you can make a huge difference to the form, function and style of many of the objects we use in our daily lives - from notebooks to cell phones to glassware or products from a specific industry such as electrical boards. A Product Designer combines a talent for design wi th a global understanding of the production and marketing of consumer goods. A Product Designer plays a critical role in differentiating their products from those of their national or international competitors. An entry level position can be attained by graduating from any institute but to be sure of being successful in your career as a product designer the student should gain thorough understanding of the products, their cycle of production, cost estimation based on the materials involved etc. all on a global scale. Product designers often become Commercial Arti sts, Cost Estimators and Product Manufacturing Executives. There is no dearth of positions or limits to how much a competent  Product Designer can earn, if he or she can put his or her knowledge to application.