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Article Summary

Smart Careers In Aviation,Tourism, Hospitality

With tourism industry opening its doors globally, there has been an upsurge in careers in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality. The hospitality industry has never been more inviting a sector for a plush career.

The service industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the world economy. It is one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of employment potential and national income. The service industry broadly covers hospi tality or hotel industry, tourism and aviation with each being interdependent.Industry experts predict a need of 30,000 new employees in Asia Pacific and over 1,00,000 new staff globally over the next two to three years. But, Ma Foi Management Consultants reports hospitality sector in India alone is expected to see an estimated growth of US$ 11.41 billion in the next two years and around 40.international hotel brands by 2013.Thus, it is quite obvious from the figures that there is an urgent requirement of trained manpower to meet the demands of this ever-growing industry. Many fascinating, promising, rewarding and challenging career options have emerged for those who are inclined towards
hospitality, travelling and exploring at the same time. The scope and the growth prospects are vast.

Billion tourists, billion opportunities:
A British tourist visiting Madrid, Spain on 13 December 2012 was revealed as the symbolic face of the one billion international tourists’. UNWTO One Billion Tourists: One Billion Opportunities campaign, recalled how tourism can create billions of opportunities for growth and development around the world. The above mentioned scene signifies the milestone that the tourism sector achieved last year and how much world comprehends and cherishes the prosperity in the sector. Going further it is vital to realise the potential within the Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality sectors. Aviation Airline sector has reaped massive benefits from the entry of private carriers, especially from those with low fares. The growth of the industry has caused a sharp upturn in demand for allied services including cabin services, ground handling and catering services. Ever-expanding economy and increased demand for trade has pushed the need for air transport services to touch new heights.

Increasing number of entrants in the sector has forced airports to expand thei r services and capacities. Aviation industry is offering a large number of jobs in airlines. Aviation sector offers a wide range of career choices.Depending on the interest one can choose from being a cabin crew, air traffic controller, cabin safety instructor, in-flight managers, base managers, cabin services instructor, training instructor, maintenance controllers, cargo officers or ground staff. Tourism and Travel Travel industry has come a long way. It has seen a rapid growth and reliance on the technology and integration of various market players. E-commerce plays an important role in the tourism and travel sector making the travel bookings convenient and more cost-effective for travellers. There are various job profiles in Travel Agencies, Tour Operators,Destination Management Companies, Government Organisations dealing wi th tourism. After gaining significant knowledge and expertise as a travel professional, one can also start their own travel agency with value added features and services.

With the emergence of numerous hotels, resorts, airlines there have been various job opportunities in India and abroad ranging from operations, front office, housekeeping, food and beverages, accounting, engineering/maintenance, sales and security. Some broad choices to choose from are:? Executive in Hotels and other service sectors
1. Ki tchen management/Housekeeping Management Trainee in Hotels
2. Flight kitchens
3. Marketing/ Sales Executive in Hotel
4. Catering officer or chef in cruise lines
5. Executives multi-skilled in fast food chains
6. E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p development
7. Hospital and Institutional Catering Executives
8. Faculty in hotel management/Food Craft Institutes