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Article Summary

Two Heads, Better Than One

If you are someone who dislikes the silence of studying alone and feel studying by yourself is rather monotonous, consider joining a good-study group. It fosters good friendship and can keep at bay parental and peer pressure. Opening your eyes to new perspectives can help you learn things, share experience, knowledge and ideas too.

Faster learning.

There is a strong likelihood that you learn faster when you study in a group. Sometimes, a part of your lesson which is confusing and complicated to one can be clear and simple to another in the group. Instead of racking your brains over this difficulty, you can learn the lesson from your companion. Similarly, you can help the other fellow students by explaining something that you could comprehend with ease which they could not.


Studying alone can become monotonous over a period of time. Being in a group gives you ample time and opportunity to discuss topics that are otherwise tedious and lengthy. Auditory learners and those who do not like the silence of studying alone can benefit from these discussions. The auditory factor is sure to make learning enjoyable besides boosting your confidence and improving your speaking skills.

No procrastination

As study groups meet regularly or as decided by the fellow students, there is no room for procrastination. When you study alone, you might put off studying for some reason. Discussions being planned in advance, students have to be present at a specific time, giving no chance for procrastination. If one repeatedly skips study hours, it doesn’t take much time for the study group to understand if that particular student is genuinely interested in studying or not.

Learn study methods

Besides learning new perspectives on a subject / topic, there is an opportunity to gain knowledge on new study techniques. Your study methods may be exceptional but when you work in a group, you can find ways to improve them or change your study regimen altogether. It also gives you a chance to observe a variety of study methods in action, reflect on the pros and cons and probably try incorporating the best methods with your own. You can also share your study tricks with the others.

Fixing errors

If you are not good at all in note-taking, you can always count on your study group. It not only gives you an opportunity to fill the gaps in your notes but also helps you fix errors, weigh up your accuracy and improve your note-taking skills. If you are a good note-taker, share your note-taking ideas with the others.

Common goal

Join a study group only if your companions share a common goal such as scoring better grades and wish to dedicate their time to study and not while away their time in gossiping and hollow talk. Just be careful while choosing your companions for they are the ones who will help you grow or pull you down. Also choose a place that has a positive environment. If you wish to have a group leader, he / she can provide feedback on your work and progress.