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Bio-Medical Engineering

Bio medical engineering course is gaining popularity as a specialized course to
augment the need requirement of health care industry.
With the advancements taking place in the medical field through the introduction of
several innovative medical instruments to; detect, diagnose and develop tools and equipment
with a perfect understanding of the biological and physiological systems of human body the
course intends to provide competency based education and training to the students.
It is offered in some engineering colleges which have facility of collaboration and
cooperation with hospitals.

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Personality Traits

• Computing and statistical skills
• Data analysis, evaluation and interpretation skills
• Project management skills
• Innumeracy skills
• Organizational skills
• Oral and written communication skills
• Paying immediate attention with social concern and responsibility
• Ability to work with zero error
• Trouble shooting skills with suitable alternative remedies to problems arising
• Interest in developing new Products / Services

Employment Avenues

• Organizations, institutions, industries dealing with engineering bacteria and other organizations.
• Genetic Engineering and other industries using bio technological techniques for higher efficiency and cleaner
process industries.
• Bio engineering industries, which produce valuable products/by products from out of the disposed waste including
hazardous waste.
• Industries producing bio-medical instruments.
• Maintenance and service providers in hospitals and health care units etc.
• Consultancy, search and research operations relating to the bio-medical equipment / processes for different

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Bio-Medical Engineering