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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defence systems. It specializes in the designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecrafts and their components as well as satellites and missiles.

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Personality Traits

The students interesting to pursue this course need to be

* Self-motivated and hard working

 * With Lateral Critical thinking

* Good at Time management

*  Proactive in learning new concepts

*  Good in judgment (analysis and decision making)

*  Excellent listening skills

 * Working independently

*  Excellent in decision making skills

*  Possessing good monitoring skills

Employment Avenues

Career path after the completion of the course can take one on a journey through; widely varying disciplines in; Aerospace engineering, Design & Development, Testing and Manufacturing of commercial and Military Aircraft, Missiles and Space Craft, Development of new technologies in commercial aviation, Defence systems, and Space Exploration.


Companies & Government agencies in the aeronautic field employs the pass outs as;


Aerospace, Mechanical and Electrical engineers

 Propulsion, guidance, navigation and control Scientists, Technologists / Technicians.

 Aircraft structural, material engineers.

 Electronics (including Radar) engineers in military/civilian/aircraft.

 Aircraft engineers.

 Missile systems engineers.


Also the Aerospace Engineers find placements in;


 Air lines, both Government and Private

 Air Craft manufacturing and maintenance industries.

 HAL, DRDO, Air India, Indian Airlines, ISRO, R&D works in Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation, Defence

Labs, Civil Aviation departments.

 R&D works in defence laboratories, space research, missile technologies etc., in Civil aviation departments

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Aerospace Engineering