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B. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is an applied science dealing with the chemistry / action of drugs and its preparation in medicines. It also includes the study of diseases and choices of treatments used to cure it.
    It is an upcoming course with courage of pharmacology, which is a pure and experimental science involving the studies of the action of drugs on living beings. Pharmacy is primarily concerned with the allopathic stream of medicine.
    Pharmacy has come into the fore a couple of decades ago, with rapid advancement in treatment of scores of diseases that afflict the human body.  It has increasingly taken a very sophisticated aspect, dealing with path-breaking research in the field of treatment. So long as there is suffering, the pharmacies stay with us for our living with health and happiness.

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Personality Traits

•    Sciences particularly life sciences and medicine
•    Wording abilities to put up hard work with human approach
•    Strong logical thinking
•    Patience with a sense of responsibility
•    Patient counseling skills
•    Strong analytical abilities and strong academic foundation
•    Good communication skills

Employment Avenues

*    The prospects in this field are ever increasing and the MNCs have widened the scope further.  The post-patent era will be the real boom for the pharmaceutical industry, identical to the IT industry today.  Launching of new molecules, demand of marketers, technology transfers will open new opportunities in R&D and New Drug Delivery system will add a new dimension to the Pharmacy industry.  This will give rise to lot of opportunities for pharmacy graduates.
A pharmacy graduate can pursue a career in different functional areas such as :
*    Pharmacists employed as; Industrial pharmacists, Research Pharmacists, Retail Pharmacists.
*    Medical Representatives and hospital pharmacists or in the Government sector.
*    Faculty teaching pharmacy course in Colleges and Universities.
*    Production Managers / supervisors in Pharmaceutical industry in various departments like; tablets, capsules, syrup, injectables etc.
*    Q & A chemists in a pharmaceutical company.
*    Research & Development personnel within pharmacy industry. 
*    Sales & Marketing professionals.
*    Brand Managers involved in brand/product management.
*    Entrepreneurs setting up; drug farm for producing raw materials and growing herbs and plants.  Drug-dispensing store (a chemist store), which requires professional ability as well as management and marketing skills.
    Chemists and druggists working in; distribution firms, analytical laboratories   

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B. Pharmacy