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Air Craft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the ones who ensure that the aircraft is in a perfect condition before take-off. An engineer is responsible for safety as the casual attitude can pose a danger to the lives of people on board. The Aircraft Engineer has to certify the aircraft fit for release. The job ensures the availability of safe aircraft at the best possible cost. The Engineering and Maintenance department of an airline performs scheduled and unscheduled tasks, leading to restoration of the expected airworthiness. The job includes diagnostic and mechanical duties covering maintenance, repair, trouble shooting and overhaul, in addition to performing inspection and modification on an aircraft.


Course Name Duration Eligibility
3 Yrs.
10+2 with MPC stream

Personality Traits

An eye for detail and be good at problem solving.
Mathematical precision and design skills.
Ability to communicate well.
Good planning ability.
Knack for working under pressure.
Normal colour vision.
Good stamina and physical fitness.

Employment Avenues

Almost all the private Airlines in the country have plans to augment their passenger capacity vis-à-vis number of aircraft. This would in turn generate enormous job opportunities for aviation professionals, such as Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Since there is no dearth of opportunities for the best in the profession, do not shy away from pursuing AME course, the pioneers in the field of Aviation Technology. Besides foreign airlines, there is plethora of job opportunities in National Carriers, Private Airlines and Training Establishments. Most of the people are well placed in public sector and private Airlines such as Air India, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Emirates airlines.

Pay Package

  1. Rs. 1, 80,000- 2,00,000 Per Annum (starting slry for Aircraft mn.Eng).

Admission Process

IIT Jee/ Institute Exams.

Entrance Exam

IIT Jee/ offline.

List Of Institutions

  1. All IIT's
  2. Aeronautical Engineering Dundigal Hyderabad A.P

Experts Views Or Articles

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  1. Is there any un-employment in A.M.E. compared with other professional courses?

    As on today Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license holders are in acute shortage. Very few A.M.E. license holders are unemployed, whereas in the other technical fields there is a lot of unemployment