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Aeronautical Engineering


This is one of the technologically advanced branches of engineering. It is
concerned with the design, manufacturing, testing, operations, and maintenance of
aircraft and its components. The main thrust in this area is on design and
development extending to space and satellite research.
The Curriculum at B.Tech level is covering : fundamentals of propulsion,
electronics, and automatic control guidance, theory of aerodynamics, structural
analysis, material science and fluid dynamics.
The course inputs intend to provide skills in; Design, construction and Testing
of commercial and Defence Aircraft, Missiles, Space Craft, Aerodynamics, Acoustics,
Thermodynamics that focus on systems that operate in the Earth’s atmosphere and astronautics.


Course Name Duration Eligibility
Aeronautical Engineering
4 years

Personality Traits

• Self-motivated and hard working
• With Lateral Critical thinking
• Good at Time management
• Proactive in learning new concepts
• Good in judgment (analysis and decision making)
• Excellent listening skills
• Working independently
• Excellent in decision making skills
• Possessing good monitoring skills

Employment Avenues

• Aerospace, Mechanical and Electrical engineers
• Propulsion, guidance, navigation and control Scientists, Technologists/Technicians.
• Aircraft structural, material engineers.
• Electronics (including Radar) engineers in military/civilian/aircraft.
• Aircraft engineers. Missile systems engineers.
• Also Aeronautical Engineers find placements in; Air lines, both Government and Private
• Air Craft manufacturing and maintenance industries.
• HAL, DRDO, Air India, Indian Airlines, ISRO, R & D works in Ministry of Defence, Civil Aviation, Defence Labs, Civil
Aviation departments.
• R & D works in defence laboratories, space research, and missile technologies etc., in civil aviation departments

Pay Package

  1. Rs 1.3 Lakhs- 3 Lakhs / Per Year The salary of an aeronautical engineering is decided on the basis of several factors like the working area, personal skills, academic excellence, etc…

Admission Process


Entrance Exam


List Of Institutions

  1. Institute Of Aeronautical Engineering Dundigal Hyderabad 500043
  2.  Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology (B.I.E.T) Hyderabad
  3. MNR College of Engineering. Hyderabad 500072 
  4.  Academy Of Aviation Engineering Bangalore Karnataka

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  1. Who is an aeronautical Engineer?
    Aeronautical Engineering is the key person who is responsible for the upkeep of the aircraft and maintain it to the standard of International Civil Aviation.