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Dr. N V Ramana Rao, Convenor, EAMCET

Interview Date : 15-06-2012

One would be almost shocked to see the otherwise bustling-with-activity EAMCET office (at  JNTU) pose a  tranquil look! Ask why? And the answer would be  mandatory online application. Sounds unbelievable, but this is one classic example of how technology can change your life. This is no tag-line for a  communication ad but a practical solution for the  ‘manual’ p r o b l e m .
M a n n i n g c o u n t e r s , h a v i n g h e l p e r  s continuously attending to the heavy stream of
a p p l i c a n t s was bothering the Convenor Prof.RamanaRao who was bent upon of looking for an easy and efficient way out. There should be a practical solution to this. After long debates with his higher officials (APSCHE Chairman Sri PrakashRao) who mulled  over the proposal for a week and gave a go-ahead, the  mandatory online application came into action.

Now, there is content and more quality time in the hands of the staff to attend to the phone calls (incidentally the usually non-stop ringing phone is also on a silent mode after this system has been introduced just few days ago) Refreshingly this year when TCG met the Convenor for the regular interview the prudent professor  enlightened us on various issues,positive side of the whole EAMCET story and most importantly gave valuable insights on how to make a wise choice of career , at least for those who share his background, i.e engineering.

Are you not missing the usually crowd and chaos as in every year? Your premises look unusually peaceful?

This is because of m a n d a t o r y o n l i n eapplications. We are very happy to see very few people coming, not because we do not like them turning up here but to understand that they were saved the ordeal of  filling up the application forms and stand in the  unending queues for hours together to submit the same. I certainly see this as the technology-triumph. In fact this is where one truly feels proud of technology advancement!

Was it easy getting here, to this point?

I wouldn’t say it was very difficult either, because I believe only when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As I mentioned it did take time to convince my  higher-ups, APSCHE Chairman Sri PrakashaRao, because of any possible loop-holes. But fortunately it worked well. I worked out all the FAQ’s myself where this question is addressed. http:// www.apeamcet.org/Content/FAQS.html

Apart from the mandatory on-line application what are  the other value additions this year?

This year we have also introduced Bulk Admissions which is especially a boon for those who cannot individually or independently access computer. Opened two days ago this system allows bulk or group payment which either a college or a voluntary organization would initiate. We already have 7 group who have made their payments through this.

So far you have not received any complaints against the operation of the system?

No, we have not, it is understood that the system is running well.

How do you think you have minimised errors by  introducing the above two processes?

Well, we are now saving tons of paper through this, and not only that, it is only if the payment is made, which is the first step after logging on to our website, will the students be able to proceed. To explain more clearly-
Step one- is logging on to the http:// www.apeamcet.org/
Step two- is pay fee ONLY THEN is
Step is three- form filling (after referring to theuser’s guide http://www.apeamcet.org/PDFS/

Is this Bulk Admission introduced only for the rural applicants?

Yes, it is mainly in their interest.

Last year’s data shows almost 75000 students less than the previous year’sEamcet applicants. What is the present scenario?

This year we have 4.25 lakh applicants so far which is clearly more than the last year’s number. Of these around 75% of MPC students are going for the EAMCET Engineering stream and 50% from the BiPCstream are going for EAMCET medicine.

Isn’t the 40% cut off marks in Intermediate too low?

AICTE’s cut-off mark is 45% and we kept it at 40% because if we increase that number of seats would be left vacant.

What is the branch preference in engineering for students now? Is medicine having fewer takers?

Computer Sciences have clearly taken back seat for the last few years and ECE is still going strong. Medicine is a field which is always in demand, irrespective of the outside trends and preferences. There are students who are always loyal to Biological Sciences and who wish
to become doctors.

How about the scope for malpractices this year?
It is almost on a zero level, cases of impersonationwill not be there as one applicant can apply only once,  because of the photograph, which will stop the fraud of an applicant giving more than one forms in different names.

It is in news that AICTE may bar new engineering, management colleges from 2014. How do you think it would affect our State?
We all know that Andhra Pradesh one among those having maximum number of engineering colleges, with additional ones mushrooming dime a dozen every year. Most of the recent ones neither have proper infrastructure nor teaching faculty. This obviously diluted the quality of
education. Apex body like AICTE must be surely keeping a tab on all such colleges and hence taken the decision.

Apart from engineering and medicine what do you think are the other fields that are gaining popularity and why?

Pharmacy, bio-technology, environmental engineering etc are all gaining popularity now. There are some set of students at any given time who would like to step away from something that is conventional and try their hand with something new. Especially today there is a vast choice of careers available for students.

Is it true that EAMCET is losing its charm?

I don’t really agree with this because there are so many students aspiring to get into government Engineering and Medical colleges, and this is one big possibility. Not everybody has the calibre to get a seat in IIT or any national level exam, Eamcet is surely a brilliant chance for all such students. It is going to become a Common Entrance -country-wide exam next year onwards. This will be good for the students who need not pay such huge amounts for application fee, like 1200/- for one exam. How many can afford this?

What is your opinion on coaching centres? How should a student’s preparation be for this exam?

Not all tutorials run for academics, some are very commercial. Anyway my advice to the students would be prepare from the syllabus. Cover all aspects. Try to understand the subject to the depth without just mugging  the lessons. Take mock-tests, refer to previous years question papers.

What would you like to caution the students about?
EAMCET is almost 75 days away and I would like to warn the students to see their exam centres in advance, once  they know where it is. All applications are accepted online only. Candidates are not allowed in to the exam  hall even if they are late by a minute. Candidates  should bring with them the filled in application form.

THIS IS MANDATORY (the pic below) With the EAMCET scheduled on the May 12th, which is probably going to be the last State based entrance exam, students are at the peak of their academics, adhering to a strict and rigorous study schedule. All of them are gearing up to face the Board exams as well as the Common entrance.

TCG wishes goodluck to all the hard-working candidates who have pinned hopes on this test which is a major  turning point for them.
INSET – How to Choose Good Engineering College—Prof  RamanaRao—EAMCET Convenor Every year the undergrads-plus two students go through the predicament—”Which College
do I Choose?’ Prof RamanaRao gives a quick guideline to these ‘seekers’ who have every right to get the one they actually deserve.

Primary Parameters you must look for—
Qualified (PhD) faculty—Number and quality Importance given to faculty’s Research Infrastructure –how good are  the labs in the discipline of your choice? Learning environment and curriculum flexibility

Secondary Parameters—
· Campus Placement should NOT BE the only parameter.
· Accreditation by NAAC or NBA.
· Student activities: You want to enjoy your four years and not just spend time in labs and the library! So make sure that there are enough extra-curricular activities on the campus.
· Student participation in Institute Administration: Do the groom leadership qualities amongst the students.

Important Dates

Notification Date : 09-02-2012

Start of Submission & Registration of Online Application form : 12-02-2012

Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application form without late fee : 30-03-2012

Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application with late fee of Rs500/- : 09-04-2012

Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application with late fee of Rs1000/- : 19-04-2012

Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application with late fee of Rs5000/- : 28-04-2012

Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application with late fee of Rs10000/- : 09-05-2012

Start of Downloading of Hall Tickets from the website www.apeamcet.org : 26-04-2012

Date of Examination : 12-05-2012
(a) Engineering (E) : 10.00 AM to 1.00PM
(b) Agriculture and Medical (AM) 2.30 PM to 5.30PM

For more details Visit: www.apeamcet.org