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Dr. N.V.Ramana Rao, EAMCET Convener

Interview Date : 22-08-2012

If not in the second week it will be by the end of this month according to the latest reports. This time the parents and the students have to look for two things first is the fee structure and the next is the time for counseling.

Selection of a good college is the immediate task that the students and parents have to do and have to see if they can afford it or if they would fit in with the rank that they have got in the recent Eamcet. One should not be satisfied with the posh look and the placements of that college. The students must find out about the back ground, the teaching faculty and also the infrastructure apart from the results that they have got.
The credibility the achievements of the faculty must be credible said Dr. N.V.Ramana Rao . the convener of the Eamcet and also the Registrar of the JNTU. It has become a  herculean task for the students to select the best college among the 700 in the state. One must select such a college which paves way for a bright career and future. If they get a good college , even though of they are selected, they have to check if they can afford the fees that would be fixed in the near future. It is not an easy task said Ramana Rao.

Talking to the Special Correspondent of the KAB, he gave a detailed account of the  methods by which one has to evaluate the college before joining. Generally students and parents get attracted with the placements and the publicity of a college ,but there are various other aspects one must find out before taking the final decision Ramana Rao added. A college with quality education with credible background and sound credentials should be selected he said. He gave the example of IITs which have achieved great status on the basis of quality and value added education.

There are colleges which are giving quality education with sound back ground but they don’t go for pubilcity. There are also colleges with lot of publicity and become popular but lack proper teaching and guidance.

The students must be very cautious with this kind of colleges he cautioned. The selection of college makes all the difference to the entire career and life and the character of a student, so one has to be very careful and cautious he said. The role of a professor is very crucial in molding and guiding the student . So the selection of the college must be done keeping the faulty in mind.

How many professors hold the Phds in that particular college one has to find out he said. There could be some researcher’s also teaching quality education. At the same time one must not just get swept away with the qualification s, we must also know from where the degrees have come he cautioned.

How far the professors are involved in research, what is the latest information that they have gathered in their subject of teaching, we must find out he stated.  “without proper research and analysis one cannot become a good professor” Ramana Rao opined. The students or the parents must look into the publications of those professors of the college which they are banking on. We must also look into the publications of the professors in various journals. The  publications of the professors indicate the credibility of the professors he opined. The number of professors along with the percentage of students must also be checked.

If there is more number of professors then they can pay individual attention to the  students he said. The less the number of professors, they will have more pressure which is not good for the students.

The students must also look at the  infrastructure and also the lab facilities in the college. They must be assured that the lab has enough number of implements that are used for the experiments. Apart from a good lab, the college must have a have a good technician and all the students must be in a position to do the experiment simultaneously.

A good library with enough number of books should be taken into consideration. Apart from this, good play ground and recreational facilities are also important he stated. A good canteen is a must and it must be part of the infrastructure in the college premises he said. The students must also check as to how many seminars were conducted in these colleges earlier.

Any grants received by this college from local institutions, government or from other countries. One must not depend just on the web site of the college as it may sometimes mislead you. The advertisement on the TVs should not attract you he said.

The parents must counter check all the information that they received about the college. The old students will give enough information which comes in handy while selecting the college. The demos must be treated as demos and the students must  look at what is real. One must also look at as to when was the college stared, what is the status, what are the certifications and what are the accreditations that the college has got. Any complaints or defaults by the college must be checked.

1. If more students from this college are going for higher studies then this is a good college.
2. If many of them have got through other entrance tests at higher level , this is also a good college. The medals and the ranks received by the students from this college will also give an indication about the credibility of the college.
3. What are the extra activities that the students have participated? What are the models that they have invented, what the innovations that they have done also indicates the teaching level of that college.
4. How many scholarships the students have received, what is the level of encouragement that they got from the faculty and the management of the college should be checked before finalizing the college.
5. The distance of the college from the residence should be taken into consideration. Otherwise the whole time will go for travel alone.